Giant Alliums and an unidentified flower


I have been not so patiently waiting for the giant allium bulbs that I planted last fall to grow and flower. Our city’s parks and recreation department had planted them last year and they looked so fun and Dr. Seuss-like that I knew I wanted to put them somewhere in my landscaping.

We had an intruder on our front porch last week that ran away after our dogs made a racket. After I fell back asleep my brain decided to have nightmares that the intruder had cut off the heads of the alliums before I got a chance to see them bloom. I have really been looking forward to these blooming! I’m glad they still have their heads.

I have really enjoyed watching them slowly open.


The leaves got a little frost bitten due to our strange April weather in the Shenandoah Valley.
I planted five bulbs but only four decided to make an appearance.
They are almost as tall as the crepe myrtle.

I need help identifying this flower. I couldn’t find it in my wildflower field guide.

It is so beautiful. I love the petals.
If anyone knows what kind of flower this is please let me know!
I have identified the nosy flowering doberman in the background as an Olive goldsmithiaa.

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